Gosval Panchakarma and Ayurveda health resort – is the Ayurveda Centre and the Unit of GOSVAL foundation. Formerly known as Chaitanya PunarNava Ayurveda Centre it was established in 2004 in the heart of the Southern Ayurveda belt of India in the Temple city – Udupi, by Dr. Tanmay Goswami.

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Ocean Side

Treatment center “Ocean Side” is located at Kapu – small town on the shore of the Arabian Sea, 18 km from Udupi and 45 km from Mangalore. There you will find an executive class villa “Heritage”, standard class House on the Ocean “Ganga” and two economy class Houses at the the same shore – “Yamuna” and “Saraswati”. This place is a perfect choice for those who would like to come for treatment along with desire to spend great time during vacation on the beach.

Food service

“If you don’t want to medicine as a food – eat food as a medicine”

To facilitate the treatment we provide healthy Vegetarian food giving the life energy, which is based on Indian cuisine, but modified to match the taste of all the people. Food is provided according to procedures given during the Panchakarma. Everyday coconut water, juices and fruits are served at the scheduled time.

If you always wanted to try vegetarian life style or didn’t know what and how to cook – its a perfect opportunity to try and to learn some recipes from our kitchen!

What you need to know before coming to us

Gosval Punarnava Ayuveda is a serious Ayurvedic Treatment center which is not a five-star hotel with a SPA or massage salon. For that reason we provide specific natural living environment with all the basic standards, its very clean and hygienic, but we avoid artificial living conditions. The environment is presented in an ancient style, preserving the atmosphere and the mood of the place. So our patients experience not only traditional Indian treatment, but the way of living too.

The concept of accommodation is to provide such conditions that will benefit the health and mental state of the person just by residing and staying in them. It is especially important for the mind as every place has strong impact on what we think about and what we want.

Passionate places agitate the mind, making it restless and filling with uncontrollable desires which, being unsatisfied, create only frustration and anger. Places filled with ignorance (providing alcohol and other destructive intoxications, or going against ethics and law) allure the mind into illusion and self-destruction of the body and personality inside.

Thats why our main goal is to provide satvic facilities in the mode of goodness which make the mind peaceful, happy and positive. Satva means cleanliness, calmness, natural surrounding, not too much comfort, self control, discipline, satisfaction with what you have, etc. In such a state of mind it is much easier for us to give good results of treatment.

With the modern lifestyle people try to disconnect themselves from nature as much as possible: they don’t walk bare foot on the morning grass with dew, they live very far from the ground in multistory buildings, they swim in a pool with chemically purified water, and so on. But here you get a great opportunity to become natural at least for some time and forget what you have been accustomed to. Enjoy the nature in its purity, enjoy the communication with people without electronic devices, enjoy the healthy food, water and air. Wake up early in the morning with the first rays of Sun, go to the ocean to fresh up and get filled with its mighty and calmness.

Give your self a chance to remember your childhood, when you were happy, healthy and young! By doing so, our rejuvenation treatment can really make a miracle and get you back to your original condition.

Be positive

Trust us

Respect each other

Don’t worry about language

Connect to the nature

Release your anxieties

Be eager to improve yourself

Enjoy every day of your stay

Don’t stress yourself

Be free, but disciplined

Cooperate with your treatment


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