Gosval Panchakarma and Ayurveda health resort – is the Ayurveda Centre and the Unit of GOSVAL foundation. Formerly known as Chaitanya PunarNava Ayurveda Centre it was established in 2004 in the heart of the Southern Ayurveda belt of India in the Temple city – Udupi, by Dr. Tanmay Goswami.

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Our Team

Our Team


Dr. Tanmay Goswami

Managing Director

Dr. Tanmay Goswami belongs to the ancient tradition of spiritual healing. With an MD in Ayurveda, Dr. Goswami has applied the combined approaches of Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology in the diagnosis, prognosis and the treatment, as it was practiced in the ancient Vedic era.

Member – CCIM (Central Council for Indian Medicine)

Member – Scientific Advisory Board Member – CCRAS (Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences)

Advisor (Ayurveda) – QCI (Quality Council of India)

Dr. Bharathi Pratap

Dr. Bharathi Pratap is an Ayurveda doctor working at Gosval Punarnava Ayuveda since 2009, having good practical experience in Ayurveda treatments like Panchakarma and rasayana with special cases of women’s health problems.

Dr. Mamitha, BAMS

Dr. Mamitha has good experience in Ayurveda Management of Panchakarma, gives good services to the patients. She is also serving patients at Gosval Punarnava Ayuveda.

Pt. Sridhar Bhat – Yagya Therapist

Sridhar Bhat performs to remove the karmic problems and improve the energy level by unique technique of the ancient fire ceremony.

Our Advisory


Param Pujya
Dr. Manmohan Goswamiji Maharaj

Dr. Manmohan Goswami is the father of Dr. Tanmay Goswami and his main spiritual force and inspiration.

Srila BhaktiVigyana
Goswami Maharaj

Bhakti Vigyana Goswami Maharaj is a spiritual leader and a great scientist, learned scholar of Vedic Sciences. He is well versed in Vedic Vaisnava philosophy, astrology and Ayurveda. Goswami Maharaj is a spiritual and intellectual guide of Gosval team.

Sri Sitaram Acharya
Jyotishya Vidwansa

Sri Sitaram Acharya has taught secrets of astrology to Dr. Tanmay Goswami. He is one of the great scholars of Vedic Astrology in India.

Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia

Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia is a world renowned flute player and he always guides and gives healing energy of flute as a remedy. He guides us how to do things in lively manner.

Mr. Eric Zilberman

Mr. Eric Zilberman is the President of Art & Design group in Russia. He is a Mentor for Dr. Tanmay Goswami. He supports Dr. Goswami with all his best, love and ideas.

Mr. Manohar Shetty

Mr. Manohar Shetty is the managing director of Sai Radha Heritage having interest in preserving the ancient heritage of India. He is also a businessman and vastu consultant for happy living. He provides food care and accommodation for Gosval Punarnava Ayuveda Center.

Chinmay Mohan Goswami

Chinmay Goswami is a brother of Dr. Tanmay Goswami, who gives management support for the institution.

Mr. U Dwijendra Acharya

U Dwijendra Acharya is a CEO of Adsyndicate at Manipal. He is an expert in PR, who takes care of the team and provides communication support.

Mr. Herbert Braukmann

Mr. Herbert Braukmann is one of the important guiding forces to the activities of GOSVAL since 2004. He guides management department of GOSVAL.

Our Partners


We have spread our wings, for betterment of health and quality of life of people around the globe. We have our friends from various parts of globe, helping us in this process.


Mr. Amitava Datta
Shankar Gosval Arogyalaya


Flower of Life

Chicago, United States
Mrs. Irene Duchovnay

Heidelberg, Germany
Mr. Herbert Braukmann

Moscow, Russia
Mrs. Anna Vasilieva

Perm, Russia
Mrs. Antonida Cabaleva

Osaka, Japan
Mrs. Satomi, Mrs. Yuki, Mrs. Toshitaka


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